Why Coaching

Grow your positive mindset:

"If you can't jump over the obstacle, go around it"

Many people come to me saying "I don't need a coach, because I don't have a problem".


As high achieving professional myself, I can relate to that.  We're talented people, and discovering solutions is just part of our job description.  Along with that goes the idea "when I'm faced with a challenge, I can manage it myself".


You may not have any "problems" but everyone's life is full of changes, decisions, setbacks and balancing commitments.

If you're like me, you're not aiming to be average.  The goal is to optimize because, ultimately, by improving ourselves, by building up stregnth, others will benefit.


We will thus be able to fulfil the expectations of those who count on us:

Our employees, our community and our loved ones.

The goal is to arrive at our destination in a way that brings all round satisfaction rather than stress and empty success - a way in which personal, family, professional, and public roles are in balance.

The role of a coach is to provide an external and neutral perspective that supports your progress. No one can see their own blind spots. As illustrated, if your in a jar, you can't read what is written on the label. 

Begin creating your new, meaningful & satisfying life:


Time is a precious asset. All of a sudden you turn around & wonder where the years have gone.  +

  • What have you done with your time?

  • How have you been useful?

  • What has your contribution been?

In order to lead a truely meaningful, satisfying, happy & producive life, you really need to :

  • Know your purpose, define your direction in life, & stay on track.

  • Ensure that your personal relationships are doing well including family, friends and with your colleagues.

What's the point of being successful if your personal life is in shambles?!!

  • Get to know yourself better and improve :

- Identify your values & beliefs, align your work with what really matters to you.

- Gain insite about your mindset & adapt it to what is most helpful to you.

- Develop & maintain habits that will move you in the right direction.

- Learn about what it means to be successful, happy and satisfied according to top researchers

- Learn strategies for stress management and resilience.

  • Remove obsticals from your biology & environment

Is your biology holding you back? Take back the control,

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What my clients say about me:

"I had been seeing Larisa via video conference for over 10 weeks. She had coached me on how to be resilient to stress. I found her to be  extremely helpful in our sessions. She always listened to what my needs were. She understood what I was dealing with and provided guidance and material, along with several different methods on how to cope with stress. 

I especially liked her suggestion on starting small, so as not to feel too pressured.

I have truly enjoyed my sessions with her"