"My way is the best way.  For me. Today. 

  But if you show me a better way,  that will be my way tomorrow."

                - Monty Roberts

As your coach, I will be your partner

A professional coach is a your personal advocate. Your coach:

  • is there to listen carefully, be empathetic & provide inspiration.

  • is curious & asks thought provoking questions.

  • offers an external perspective to your challenges.

  • helps identify hidden obsticals & guide you past them.

  • helps you design action plans & holds you accountable.

  • helps you develop new, productive habits that serve your goals.

  • Is your champion.

In addition, as a human potential coach,

I can help you learn how to                        which is my personal passion.

As qualified biologist, I can offer you scientifically back tips & tricks that will put you in the drivers seat when it comes to managing energy, mental focus, resilence to stress. 

In Biohacking, Psycology, Enviornment are equally important.

As your coach I can help build your truely meaningful, satisfying life by helping you align your work to your values. I ask about your beliefs and offer a useful mindset. I help you manage your environment in a way that is it is working for you. By enviornment I mean anything from the people and relationships around you, to your physical enviornment to your living conditions and habits.

What my clients say about me:

"I had been seeing Larisa via video conference for over 10 weeks. She had coached me on how to be resilient to stress. I found her to be  extremely helpful in our sessions. She always listened to what my needs were. She understood what I was dealing with and provided guidance and material, along with several different methods on how to cope with stress. 

I especially liked her suggestion on starting small, so as not to feel too pressured.

I have truly enjoyed my sessions with her"