Achieving human potential


We all want to do good, the question is how? What is the best way to do your best? How can you become more effecient at what you do, and really succeed? Also what will bring you satisfaction, a sense having achieded your goals?


At the heart of all of this is the concept of Biohacking: The ability to take control of you biology, psycology and environment to achieve better all round performance and results.


To take control of your Biology, Psycology & Enviornment


  • Happiness: is essentially made up of two parts:

    • Meaning: doing things in your life that bring satisfaction and a sense of achievement, but may or may not actually be fun or easy to do  (for example doing extra work to finish a project or help someone)

    • Pleasure: Doing things that are enjoyable in the moment, but don't necessarily advance your projects ( for example reading a novel or going out in the evening.

  • Success: Defining what you ultimately trying to achieve and how to align it with your values and beliefs; as well as to balance work results with personal life

  • Productivity / Performance: This is a vast area which may touch on organizing  your physical work environment, enacting time management systems and addressing any biological barriers such as low energy or cognitive performance.

What my clients say about me:

"I had been seeing Larisa via video conference for over 10 weeks. She had coached me on how to be resilient to stress. I found her to be  extremely helpful in our sessions. She always listened to what my needs were. She understood what I was dealing with and provided guidance and material, along with several different methods on how to cope with stress. 

I especially liked her suggestion on starting small, so as not to feel too pressured.

I have truly enjoyed my sessions with her"