Resilience Coaching

Each session is adapted to the individual needs and goals of the people I work with. Typically we discuss :

  • The biology and psychology of stress and how to become better aware of your own reactions

  • Tips and tools for biohacking your stress.

  • Learn to assertively communicate your needs and wants without loosing your cool.

  • Improve personal and professional relationships

  • Information on advanced tools for stress relief

  • Information and resources on the biology of nutrition and energy metabilism with the aim of optimising your productivity and mental presence.

  • How to build resilience into your life.

During sessions we also may discuss topics such as your motivations, optimizing your personal strengths and aligning yourself with your values and purpose. I can help you put together and implement self care plans and be your source of accountability. As your coach I am your biggest fan and advocate for you successfully achieving your goals.

I adhere to the ICF (International Coach Federation) code of ethics and sessions are fully confidential.

I coach online using zoom. It is easy and simple to join my meeting by simply clicking on the link I send you.



  • Resilience and stress management 12 week online course 540 € max. 6 participants.

  • Group program for expat moms 250 € prepaid 8 weekly sessions with 3 to 6 participants.

  • One–on-one coaching 100 € single session prepaid, Discounts available for packages.

  • Biohacking consultation on advanced tools for stress relief. 100 € prepaid.


Group programs are 90 minutes.

One-on-one sessions are 50-60 minutes.

What my clients say about me:

"I had been seeing Larisa via video conference for over 10 weeks. She had coached me on how to be resilient to stress. I found her to be  extremely helpful in our sessions. She always listened to what my needs were. She understood what I was dealing with and provided guidance and material, along with several different methods on how to cope with stress. 

I especially liked her suggestion on starting small, so as not to feel too pressured.

I have truly enjoyed my sessions with her"