About me

Who I am


Certified human potential coach and passionate biohacker.


PhD in Molecular Biotechnology with 10 years experience in research labs


I also have a bachelor’s degree in International Business with modern languages (French, Spanish and Italian).


I spent 10 years in research labs before becoming a mom.

My story:

I have spent almost my whole life dealing with chronic health issues, and was finally diagnosed with celiac autoimmunity.  I learned that many answers could be had using proper nutrition and biohacking.  However I wasn’t able to recover my health quickly enough before experienced a serious complication almost killed me after having my daughter. Compared to the worst moments, I have massively improved my strength and health, and continue to work on it everyday.


My time in the hospital gave me an opportunity to evaluate the priorities in my life and my relationships.  


I strongly believe that as long as there is a single breath left in your body, you still have the chance to recover – whatever the challenge may be –health related, personal or professional. 


Your innate resilience can be helped along greatly by having the right knowledge and skills to successfully navigate stressful situations.

My beliefs on how to live

Ask the questions no one thought of

Be open-minded

Keep learning your whole life.

Always search for the truth

Do the right thing

Be assertive, not afraid and not abusive.

Appreciate every moment.

Sometimes it is okay to ask for help.

Life is short – choose carefully how you use your time.

Create a New Way


My favorite quotes


“If there is no way to get over an obstacle, find a way to go around it”


Never loose track of your goal: “keep your eye on the prize”

How will you use your time on this earth,

What will you do to make life worth it?

What my clients say about me:

"I had been seeing Larisa via video conference for over 10 weeks. She had coached me on how to be resilient to stress. I found her to be  extremely helpful in our sessions. She always listened to what my needs were. She understood what I was dealing with and provided guidance and material, along with several different methods on how to cope with stress. 

I especially liked her suggestion on starting small, so as not to feel too pressured.

I have truly enjoyed my sessions with her"